For Researchers - Data Sharing

The scientific community is encouraged to use HR/CSC data and/or biospecimens. Access to data and/or biospecimens is facilitated through the Lineberger Data Warehouse and Biospecimen Repository (LDBR) electronic request and review process. The LDBR request and sharing process is intended to facilitate a centralized, transparent, expedient and fair sharing process, serving a range of users. The LDBR Data Sharing Committee oversees and facilitates investigator requests and is comprised of representatives from a variety of disciplines at UNC.

The LDBR operates under an ‘honest broker’ model, facilitates consultations with experts after initial inquiries, and promotes collaborations. This model reflects the need to benefit science while maintaining an individual participant’s privacy and confidentiality.

Before requesting data please familiarize yourself with the “For Researchers” tabs.

To obtain initial aggregate, summary data, click here.


To obtain individual patient level data , you must submit a project (e.g., ancillary study, manuscript, or meetings abstract proposal).

Once your project is approved the following checklists may be helpful to you. The Ancillary Study Checklist and the Publication Checklist are a reference for the process of Data Sharing. Print and follow the checklists to see what will be the next steps in getting your data and/or specimens.

Data Dictionary

The HR/CSC Cohort Data Dictionary and the Analysis Data Dictionary are collections of HR/CSC data items and their descriptions. The Cohort Data Dictionary can be accessed here. The Questionnaire data dictionary can be found here.Please check back for updates or request the Analysis Data Dictionary from

Data Sources

The HR/CSC receives data from numerous sources, described in the Data Sources document. To view the Data Sources document, click here.

Cell Suppression Policy

A cell value cannot be reported if its value is 1 to 10 or it allows a value of 1 to 10 to be derived from other reported cells or information. To view the HR/CSC Cell Size Supression Policy, click here.