For Researchers - Medical Records

Clinical data for UNC HR/CSC enrolled subjects is available from both the UNC Hospital Tumor Registry (NC state-mandated data collection) and the linked Carolina Data Warehouse for Health (CDWH) electronic medical records data. The UNC hospital Tumor Registry data includes final pathologically confirmed diagnosis, tumor stage and grade as well as first course of treatment.

Here is a summary of UNC HR/CSC enrolled subjects and their respective UNC Hospital Tumor Registry data available as well as the distribution of diagnoses of cancer cases diagnosed and or treated at UNC. Clinical data is available upon request via the (Data Sharing tab either as summary data (Cohort Discovery), available without an approved IRB application, or as individual-level data (Begin your project here), with an HR/CSC approved proposal and approved IRB application.

ICD-9 billing data is obtained from medical records to assign participants to an initial diagnostic category. This is not the participant’s final diagnosis. Final diagnosis is obtained from the UNC Tumor Registry medical records abstraction following the participants’ first course of treatment.

Initial Diagnosis Report for Enrolled Patients based on ICD-9 Billing Codes

To view the Initial Diagnosis Report for enrolled participants based on ICD-9 billing codes, click here.

To view additional details for participants with Genitourinary (GU) and Gastrointestinal (GI) cancer distributed by anatomic site, click here.

Medical Records Abstraction Status

To view the medical records abstraction status of participants, click here