For Researchers - Recruitment and Enrollment


In order to be eligible to participate in the HR/CSC, a person must fulfill all the following requirements:
Patients are not eligible for inclusion in the cohort if they have any concurrent medical condition or personal situation that would render the patient unable to provide informed consent or participate in the HR/CSC.

Recruitment Process

At the time of patient appointment scheduling, initial physician referral and demographic information is collected and entered into the North Carolina Cancer Hospital (NCCH) electronic scheduling system. These data are made available to the HR/CSC for determination of eligibility. Eligible patients are approached for enrollment during his or her visit to the NCCH.
[ A detailed HR/CSC Recruitment and Enrollment Protocol is available upon request by contacting HR/CSC ].

Informed Consent Process

All participants provide informed consent in either English or Spanish prior to participation. Eligible patients typically watch a video that describes participation in the HR/CSC and informed consent and HIPAA documents. Research Assistants (RAs) discuss the consent video with patients and answer questions.
Patients that would like to participate in the UNC Health Registry/Cancer Survivorship Cohort (HR/CSC) sign Informed Consent and HIPAA Documents electronically.
To view the UNC HR/CSC Consent and HIPAA documents, click here.
UNC HR/CSC Consent and HIPAA packet
The signed forms are stored securely in HR/CSC records and paper copies of the informed consent and HIPAA documents are given to the participants. In some clinic situations, using the video consent is not always feasible and in these situations the informed consent process is done by the Research Assistants by reviewing the paper consent documents with patients.
Enrolled participants agree to the following (click to view subject-specific pages):

Enrollment Graph

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Cumulative number of HR/CSC participants enrolled by month since HR/CSC enrollment began in 2010.


Summary demographics include race and age for enrolled participants. To view the demographics of enrolled participants, click here.